Heating solutions sales company

The complete package.

Serving the unique needs of our customers by providing innovative water heating solutions  from the most respected hydronic brands in North America.

From a single apartment to a stadium…. we have it all. 

About the company

Heating Solutions Sales Company (HSSC) provides sales and marketing for residential, commercial and industrial heating and hot water applications throughout North America. We have it all… steel, stainless steel, copper and cast iron products for hot water and steam, firetube and watertube, condensing and non-condensing applications.  

We pride ourselves on complete solutions. Every need is unique with specific requirements, so too are the applications of our products and technologies. One size truly does not fit all.

Heating Solutions Sales Compnay Products

Residential Divisions

U.S. Boiler is a recognized leader in the residential boiler marketplace. Product lines include high-efficiency gas heating and combination boilers, gas and oil-fired cast iron water and steam boilers, and indirect-fired water heaters.

New Yorker Boiler Company markets the best known steel boiler products in the industry. It also sells gas and oil-fired cast iron water and steam boilers, as well as high efficiency gas combination boilers and indirect-fired water heaters.

Governale is known for cast iron radiators, baseboards, convectors, and accessories that offer high quality and dependable performance. 

Commercial Divisions

The Thermal Solutions product line features high-efficiency stainless steel and copper tube condensing and non-condensing boilers and water heaters. Their products meet the diverse demands of commercial markets, from small buildings and multi-unit residential applications to educational facilities.

Bryan Boiler is known for quality, performance, and technological innovation in flexible water tube boilers and related boiler room accessories. Its products include high-efficiency stainless steel condensing and noncondensing boilers for hot water and steam applications. Bryan Boiler products are used for heating and industrial applications in hospitality, healthcare, education, stadium, and institutional and manufacturing environments. 

The Burnham Commercial product line has a history of product innovations stretching over a century. The line features firetube boilers of scotch marine and firebox design, as well as large modular and packaged cast iron water and steam boilers used for space heating and manufacturing applications.

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